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Your customers are mobile, is your business? Consumers are using mobile devices to search for business information more and more every day and by 2014, it is estimated that the number of people browsing the web on their smartphones will exceed the number browsing via desktop. Do you have a mobile web site to take advantage of this rapidly growing market segment? Mobile web sites will, in the very near future, be essential to doing business.

As you know, users accessing a standard websites from mobile devices will generally have poor user experiences. The lack of a mobile optimized web site results in high abandon rates and a very low number of conversions and a mobile web site can vastly increase conversion rates. In fact, a mobile web site project can have an exceptionally high and measurable ROI, for example, tracked an increase in transactions by mobile users by 9X.


Mobile web sites are instantly accessible via a small piece of code that can be added to your primary website. This code will detect the device being used to access your site and then if the device is a mobile device, then the user will be automatically directed to the mobile web site. This occurs practically instantaneously so it is completely invisible your end users.

Often the terms web app and mobile web site are used interchangeably and in general that is true, but in the industry web apps are considered higher-functioning mobile-optimized websites. “Web app” and “mobile web site” can largely be used interchangeably — “web app” just indicates that more coding has been done and greater functionality is included.


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By developing a mobile web site as the basis for a mobile strategy, companies can often reduce costs over developing multiple mobile applications, but keep in mind that a mobile web site audience is different from a native mobile app audience, so you should make decisions as to which to use based on your target demographics and expected usage patterns. Additionally, certain functionalities are only available to native apps (such as accessing the camera or the phone’s contact lists) so you will want to consider your intended functionality prior to making decisions about which option is best for your business.

On the other hand there are certain advantages a mobile web site has over native mobile applications. Mobile web sites are generally optimized for all major smart phones allowing your users to have a great mobile experience regardless of which device they are on. We build and test our mobile web sites to work on the major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Mobile web sites can include several great features such as being tied to your database as well as offering click to call functionality. Mobile web sites allow for fast conversions of users that are on the go that are in need of your service. We are able to customize your websites exactly the way you want and mobile web sites are fully compatible with CSS and HTML5. We are careful to follow best practices at every step of the development process.

Studies show that less than 2% of businesses have a mobile-friendly website and that currently more than 20% of Google searches are now done on mobile. Set yourself apart from your competition by having our professional design and web development team build you a great looking mobile web site to take advantage of the growing mobile market. If you want to see your business grow with a new mobile web site created for multiple mobile platforms, call Pacific App Design and we will guide you through the mobile web development process to give you a sense of how we can make your idea into a reality. To get started, give us a call at (424) 235-7391 or visit our contact page.



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