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Brilliantly Executed iPad Application Development

Pacific App Design is an iPad app developer that has been creating exceptional iPad apps since the iPad was first released in April 2010.

We have a dedicated team of iPad app developers for iPad Development and iPad Software Development that focus on the requirements from both users’ and clients’ prospective. This dedication has made us one of the most respected iPad app development companies.

iPad application development requires a different approach to the design and software coding when compared to iPhone app design and development. Poor performing iPad apps are usually just an iPhone app made larger with a couple tweaks by the developers but great iPad apps are designed from the ground up.

Starting with careful planning and design, they take advantage of many of the unique features and extra screen space offered by the iPad.

Key features that we look to integrate into the iPad apps we develop are

  • A straight-to-the-point intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • Functional programming with clean coding
  • High-quality graphics with smooth action and functionality

Crucial to effective iPad app development is a look at the demographics of iPad users and your target market. While this may not apply to your target demographic, iPad users typically come from a slightly older demographic group, with the primary ages ranging from 30 to 54. Statistically iPad users are most often male with higher incomes and are generally looking for meaningful and functional tools, especially productivity and business applications. These are followed by news and utility applications. Consider your potential users and aim to give them a high quality iPad application that fits their needs and preferences. Stand out with a well thought out interface, beautiful design and flawless execution.

We’ll improve the Performance of Your Business

Pacific App Design can help you give your users value and help them be more productive or enrich their lives with an iPad app that is functional and usable that will keep coming back to it again and again. It is important to leverage the iPad’s unique environment, some of the features you may want to consider utilizing are: split views, pop overs, custom keyboards, the ability to support multiple file types and gesture recognition.

Our tightly honed process and design excellence help us to build apps that clearly present information and offer relevant controlling options that are directly related to the user’s current activity. We are careful to concentrate the iPad app on the main activity at hand and hide irrelevant options until they are required. We have found that complex subtasks or too much information hurt user experiences. We will structure your app wisely and create an easy-to-use and comfortable interface, avoiding the use of non-standard, unfamiliar elements.

We are experts at making apps visually appealing with high resolution graphics. Users enjoy using carefully designed tools with familiar elements to which they can refer to. But beyond just being easy to use, our iPad apps are carefully coded under the strictest standards to give users the best possible experience and every point of their interaction with your application.

If you want to see your idea for a new iPad app created for the iPad, call Pacific App Design and we will guide you through the iPad app development process to give you a sense of how we can make your idea into a reality. To get started, give us a call at (424) 235-7391 or visit our contact page.


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