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Pacific App Design is a web and mobile application development company that stands out from other iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Android application development companies. Our dedicated team of highly skilled Android app developers is innovative and possesses exceptional skills for Android Development. No matter whether you want to develop business apps, location based apps, social apps, or shopping apps, you will find our Android App Development team will serve you well and more than meet your expectations. Android applications development has been our most rapidly growing mobile technology sector the past couple years and as the Android platform took off a couple years ago, Pacific App Design stayed ahead of the market and built a first-class in-house Android applications development team. Our Android designers and developers have a special focus on creating Android apps that are designed from the ground up.

We are actively involved in Android application development that includes projects that range from the highly technical to the elegantly functional. Whether you’re looking to create an Android app from scratch, a suite of apps for multiple platforms or looking to create an Android version of your iPhone app, Pacific App Design has the design and technical experience to make your project a success.

Apps for Android devices are written in a different language than apps used on the iPhone. Android also has a slightly different user interface experience. Apps for each of these platforms are not compatible.

When considering mobile app development over multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. it is sometimes tempting to cut costs by using a shortcut multi-platform approach such as an app that wraps a mobile web site or using a cross platform development tool.

Experience clearly shows that these approaches almost always end up with poor quality products that are unable to capture the market’s attention. We strongly recommend building custom apps that are native to each platform. One of the exciting parts of Android apps are that can take advantage of utilize multi-touch displays. This broadens the range of interactivity and extends the level of interactivity that can be included in new applications.


You’re Always a Step Ahead with Pacific App Design

  • Productivity Applications
  • Lifestyle Applications
  • Enterprise Business Systems
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Education Applications
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Training and Evaluation
  • Utility Applications

Our highly qualified Android application developers have in-depth knowledge of the Java platform and strong experience in leveraging the Android Software Development Kit (ASDK) APIs, Android Native Development Kit (ANDK), emulator and debugging resources to skillfully develop interactive and powerful android apps that support multiple devices including tablets.

If you want to see your idea for a new Android app created, call Pacific App Design and we will guide you through the Android application development process to give you a sense of how we can make your idea into a reality. To get started, give us a call at (424) 235-7391 or visit our contact page.


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