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Breakthrough Augmented Reality Apps Development

Pacific App Design’s team of highly experienced designers and developers excel at merging the physical and virtual worlds with dramatic augmented reality content. Mobile augmented reality apps are at the forefront of the industry and Pacific App Design is on the front-lines, helping propel mobile augmented reality applications into mainstream usage.

Custom mobile augmented reality app experiences can engage and entertain your customers with attention-grabbing seamless print-meets-mobile experiences. You can now augment anything from t-shirts and catalogs to trade show booths and displays to product packaging with exciting augmented reality mobile application features such as 3D animations, e-commerce integration and video clips.

We are a leader in developing mobile augmented reality apps for retailers, advertising opportunities, exhibits and live events. Bring an exciting new dimension to your users’ mobile experiences, allowing them to simply point their mobile devices at print ads or other collateral and then they can experience interactive, engaging content coming to life. Augmented reality (AR) apps help you build incredible brand excitement and jump-start sales in an exciting new way allowing you to promote your products and services with an impact that is nearly off the charts.

High Octane Marketing from AR Apps

Mobile augmented reality applications allow consumers to make a direct purchase within the app when they point the application at your product for the ultimate tool in improve and enhance user experiences. In fact, augmented reality mobile applications are estimated to generate close to $300 Million in revenues globally in 2013. How does AR work? Animations or other augmented reality data can be triggered by visual cues on ads or packages or your mobile device's GPS positioning and internal compass can trigger data based on "geotagging" and then display appropriate AR information pertinent to that location.

We can develop for you, your own AR application which users can download to their phones. You will be able to decide what text and images people see when they look through their mobile phone and how it appears. This augmented reality application can help you generate enthusiasm for your brand and products that goes beyond standard methods of marketing. We offer a full range of services including consultation, modeling, coding, deployment and development of AR experiences.

Pacific App Design has deployed mobile apps across a range of platforms and marketplaces, making us a trusted partner for your app’s development process. Our depth of development experience and wealth of marketing, advertising and emerging technology knowledge place us perfectly to advise you on augmented reality marketing strategies. We stand out from the crowd and are an enthusiastic team of some of the industry’s top, cutting-edge designers, marketers and software developers. If you are a forward thinking company, looking to make a big splash on any industry, we can help you.

If you want to see your idea for a new augmented reality mobile app created, call Pacific App Design and we will guide you through the development process to give you a sense of how we can make your idea into a reality. To get started, give us a call at (424) 235-7391 or visit our contact page.



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